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Because of the high demand and requests for it, I will consider looking into adding custom photos in FaceTime.

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Thanks for getting in contact.

This has most definitely been fixed, hopefully for good, in the up coming v4.3 update.

In the middle of fixing/improving this at the moment.

Names will be shortened to 'A Richards' - if user has first and last name.

Alternatively if no surname is provided then Messages will just display 'Ash'.

Likely to be shipped along with Twitter DM's in an early v.5.x update.

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Likely coming in an early v5.x update.

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Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the highest priorities at the moment (judging upon how popular those profiles are).

Facebook is more aimed at friends and family. Whilst Twitter & Instagram are aimed and consist of more celeb, company and business profiles.

Any further updates about this, I will let you know/respond to this thread.