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Support for iOS 12

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I’m on beta iOS and every time you try and type anything it’s big outs and crashes. 

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my app kept crashing so I deleted it and reinstalled it, it opened but won’t let me post anything on Instagram 

Have you tried 'Reset App' from Settings app?

hi I tried that and it still didn’t work. Then out of the blue it started working again, but now I’m having the same problem again

same here, but it started today and i was so confused. i can’t even be in the app for 2 secs :-(

I just updated to iOS 12 but it still keeps crashing. It won’t stop crashing even before I update it to iOS 12, is this the OS problem or? 

hi i’m having a similar problem with the crashing. i  tried submitting a bug report about not being able to see the bio on a twitter profile and it crashed on me as soon as i started typing. plus some tweets were missing

ios 12 update finally out - my first reaction was to use social dummy... still keeps crashing!

Does it crash upon launching or somewhere in the app?

it crashes when I'm typing a new profile, even when using a different keyboard (specifically I'm using Gboard)

Please ensure you are using v4.5.5 if you are on v4.5.4 or earlier the app will crash on any textfield.

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I believe this is an iOS issue not app. Hoping this gets fixed by time public release of iOS 12.


iOS 12 issue.

IPhone se and iOS beta 12, I think the beta is the problem


Yes there is an issue on iOS 12 that crashes the app. Im honestly hoping it is caused by the OS. Otherwise I will have to rethink a lot of stuff.


Hmm weird. What device and iOS are you using?

Thanks I've taken a look at your account and it looks to be in good shape.

My id is BnpPU4AsHSVE4yXeTxQ4AA7bDlr1


Please send me your account ID and I can have a look for you.

Hey I have a similar problem now! I used the app for a while and  now suddenly it keeps crashing - anyway to fix it?

Firebase have had some outages this week (http://status.firebase.google.com) so that is most likely the cause which is beyond my control.


Do bare in mind they are beta OS's and majority of issues in apps are down to the OS and not the actual apps. (Its happened a lt in past iOS betas)

Besides, developers are not yet allowed to submit any apps built with iOS 12 SDK until September. I wish I could optimise to the beta but unfortunately you'll have to wait for a beta that would likely fix issues or wait until Apple allows developers to submit iOS 12 built apps.


I am not sure. All I can think of that it might be caused by the Firebase SDK which is a third-party plugin beyond my control.

Try Resetting the app from the devices settings app or reinstall the app.

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