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Anonimo 7.0 anni fà updated by Ashley Richards 6.0 anni fà 5

On Snapchat when you open a photo, the image is not displayed directly, it displays a blue image.
On Facebook the bar "Live, photo, Check in" is not the right size.
On music applications, we can't add music: it tells us to press the + button but there is nowhere else, except on one of the applications the + button appears but this one (the button) doesn't work.

Live. Latest Update

1. Snapchat snap images are synced to your account so there may be a slight delay as it is downloading (depending on image size).

2. I will take a look into updating this.

3. Music Library and User Accounts can only be added from the side menu from the home screen > Tap avatar in bottom right.

… and the phone application looks like this

Fixed. Next Release

Fixed in next upcoming update.

Planned. Next Release

That isn't god at all. I will take a look into this, thank you.