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you do realize that you hace MINORS that use this app and it’s frustrating how we have to pay to get everything unlimited, I get it that you get money and all but not all of us can afford getting unlimited things, in my opinion you should allow all of us to have unlimited everything but free, it would make the app more fun.. PLEASEEEEEEE!!!


I understand your point, however, it isn't just to support myself but also with all the expenses of servers, hosting and more that keeps Social Dummy running how it is today. Read more here. I do have future plans to improve and combine products together.


I get where you‘re coming from, but the developer is just one person, they deserve payment for their work. If everything was available for free this app would most likely be spammed with adds, since they‘d have to get the money otherwise.


you do have a point, but the developer is just an only one person and the least we can do to support them is by buying the in app purchases. i mean i really do get where you're coming from, i'm a minor myself too ^^

i meant have* in the first sentence lol