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App is crashing on Instagram

Anonyymi 7 vuodet sitten pävittänyt Ashley Richards 6 vuodet sitten 12

App keeps crashing everytime I try to get into one of the social media accounts  (specially Instagram)

Hi I had the same issue

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hold on, let me check (sorry, I didn't see the question the first time). 

sorry, the version I'm using of the IOS is the 10.2.1, I haven't checked the there was a new version already. I'm gonna update to the newest one and see if the the problem solves itself. 

You can try, but sounds more Account related than iOS. What is your Account ID?

Account ID: QvsF6bpc1XgbzBF7V6eMb6WN0rY2

In Progress

Thank you, I believe I have diagnosed the problem. However for me to fix this you may loose some, if not, all your Instagram posts created.

Would you be okay with this? I will try and preserve as many as I can..

Fixed. Next Release

Your Instagram profile should hopefully be fixed now.

It looked like you or the app had deleted the first 9 posts in the timeline so created 9 temporary posts that you should consider editing to your own. I will look into this code side to hopefully prevent this in the future.

Thanks you for making me aware of this. Any other problems let me know.


Not a problem at all! Thanks a lot for answer really. 

it's an IPhone 6s, latest version of IOS. Thank you for your response <33 


Thanks for getting in touch, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please could you tell me your Account ID, Device and iOS? and I will have a look into this which, if fixed, I could prevent this happening to other users.