I bought a/some products. They've reset. Do I have to pay again?

NO. You only pay for the products ONCE.

If you attempt to try purchasing again Apple will alert you that you've already purchased the product and will unlock it for FREE.

Alternatively tap 'Restore' to restore already purchased products.

For more information about how In-App Purchases (IAP) work please visit Apple's Overview.


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So i’ve bought one of the features last year and i had to delete and redownload the app because i had issues. i tried to restore my purchases but it’s not restoring. i am also using the correct account as well 

Please email support@socialdummy.app with proof of purchase and your account id and I will help you further.

so I accidenlty connected the wrong Apple account to my app how do I resign into it to restore my purchases?

Settings App > iTunes & App Store > Sign out and sign in with the correct Apple Id.