How do I create a group chat?

V5.0 or Later

  1. Navigate to Messages
  2. Tap "+"
  3. In the popup view, tap more than 1 user from your user library
  4. Press "Done"

V4.5 - v4.5.8

  1. Navigate to "Messages".
  2. Swipe left on the chat you want to change or tap '+' and skip to point 4.
  3. Tap "Configure Chat".
  4. Tap the circle avatar at the top.
  5. Select the users you want to be in the single chat.
  6. Press 'Save'

Else if you just want a 1:1 chat just select one user then press 'Save'.


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how do you creat a group on instagram

I have a different picture than the one seen in the YouTube video ???

Not at the moment. Maybe at some point. Please request this feature in

is this possible on the Instagram mode?

Not as of yet no. I thought Instagram DMs are only 1:1?

There’s no “configure chat”option and I just downloaded the latest version 

Configure chat is no more. It's been integrated into Messages directly. Tap on the chat title whilst in a chat to customize each chat.

there’s no “configurate chat” option for me and I’ve installed the latest version of this app