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Album Track list scrolling?

Gabrielle 7 år siden opdateret af Ashley Richards 6 år siden 4

when I make an album with a lot of songs, I can't seem to scroll down the list to see all of the titles I've made. They only show up when I skip forward as a song.


Also this is an idea, but a track number showing up for the "album" being played would be cool :) is that how iTunes works? Actually I'm not sure as I use different music players.

Or to show your albums on "iTunes" in the albums section :O

Anyway. Thank you for all the updates and thinks you've been considering, I bet it's a lot of hard work!


This should already be fixed in latest update..?

scrolling works now thank you so much! -Gabrielle

Live. Latest Update

Thats brilliant to hear. Any other issues please let me know.

Will Investigate

I will take a look into the scrolling issue, thanks!

Track number in the players is player dependant. I haven't seen any track numbers for Apple Music or Spotify at least at the moment. However if they do then I will update the UI.

It is a lot of work when I don't work on my apps full-time and only during my free time. Appreciate your support. Thanks!

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