Font Size Query

jellybeanjiaa 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

Hello! I wanted to ask if the next update has anything planned to include something to adjust font sizes. It’d be more versatile for the people who use the smallest or largest font displays on their phones already, and I personally think it’d make it look more realistic. The messages, for example, are a little unrealistic due to how close up they feel, and since the text bubble isn’t all the way round (aka the little corner you can see near the beginning of the speech bubble), it makes it look even more unrealistic, which kind of blows my mind because some android apps have this option already :/ Just a hopeful suggestion/question though, as it’s something that I feel makes a lot of sense.

to add on!! i also posted this because the text looks really zoomed if you’re on a newer iphone like the 11 pro max, which makes it look unrealistic since it’s not as small of a screen display as something like an iphone 8