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I have two accounts. One for an anime RP and another for my comic book characters. I’d love it if I could select a list which includes the characters I want to use so so can create something. 

Lists that the user can assign Characters too and be able to switch around and use a different list when I want. It would save multiple accounts. As the user creates the character they would go into the list the user decides to put them in.

I also thought about a catalogue where all the characters get uploaded and can be browsed easily in Alphabetical order and with the List name involved for easier navigation. Maybe even a feature to allow certain characters to be viewed and even used by other users, as long as the creator ticks a box to allow it.

It would also be nice to have infinite subcategories that we could create ourselves within these lists, subcategories personal to a specific list that can only be edited with that specific list is active.

This would allow users to create lots of characters in a list and be able to browse through them easily, but in a manor personal to them that’s easier for them to navigate.

Finally, it would be cool that if you do the above two, to also do a list with sub catabolises specifically to select characters from each list incase a user wants to have a crossover. The sub catalogues here to be able to navigate and plan.

Things could maybe even be coded with colours/shades maybe?

So it would be something like (This is just an example of how the user could choose to lay it out)


- Anime

 - BNHA 

  - Angsty Twitter Au

   - (subcategory)   

  - Their Kids Au

   - (subcategory)

- Comic

 - My Comics

  - (Comic name)

    - (sub category)

    - (sub category )

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Sounds like an interesting idea!