App Continually Crashes When I try to make a new post

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Whenever I try to make a post the app crashes & then whenever I reopen it the app crashes instantly until i hit reset app in settings but then the same thing happens when I go to make a post again. I’ve tried the reset option you put in another response and I’ve tried redownloading the app multiple times along with restarting my phone and nothing is working. Is this going to be fixed? 


Have you tried logging out and in again?

yes, ive tried that multiple times as well as completely deleting the app and restarting my phone then redownloading it. Its still happening days later and I’m beyond frustrated...

Have you tried v5.0 beta? If not, please send me your email and I will add you in.

i’ve also tried rebuilding the accounts

my user ID is uPTz0j1EzMQmRTvZo0MvKxGs0hD2 if that’s any help

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