The app keeps crashing

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by Ashley Richards 5 years ago 7

So I’ve been using the app without problems for hours and days and then all of a sudden, it crashed and closed and now it keeps crashing every time I open it


Can you try Reset App from the Settings app > Social Dummy?

Im not sure why a couple of users are experiencing this. Could you send me your Account ID please?

Okay so I tried resetting and the app is working jut fine now. Thank you very much!

did you lose anything after resetting? same problem for me, and im afraid of losing my data, i had a lot of stuff created i wouldnt want to lose :/

No, everything is still there! As long as you can log back in to your account afterwards, I don't think you would lose any of your content created there :)

No content gets deleted. It just clears all the cached data that's been stored locally in the background.

I can’t check my account ID because the app crashes the second I try to open it :/

Also, will resetting the app make me lose the accounts I created there?

It should say your Account ID from Settings app > Social Dummy.