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there's a new update on Instagram that just came yesterday I think where you can post like multiple photos on there, when you swipe to the right you will see more photos if you post multiple of them, could you add that on here? Please, that would be really cool!

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When will his be added to the beta? It’s the only thing I’ve been waiting for to finally post my phots 

I've not said it will be in v5.0 as much as it would be nice too. The more stuff added the more its going to get delayed. At some point soon.


I’m testing the beta version and everything looks perfect, this is the only feature I’ve been missing. I hope you’re able to add this one in this version. If not, still great work! 


Appreciate it, thank you. If I find time I will try sneak it into v5.0.


I hope to bring this feature in for v.4.4.x update otherwise will be in v5.0.


I saw about that yes. This will not be included in v4.3, but preferably in the update after or in v5.x.

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