I heard you loud and clear and you can now create fake direct messages.


Save your modified webpages to your bookmarks. Tap on them in your bookmarks to reload them.


A complete rebrand which makes the app feel more refreshed, clean and easier to use.

  • Login, Register or connect to your Google account for quick and simple one-tap login.
  • Huge amount of bug and crash fixes.
  • Default avatars have returned
  • Updated some accounts UI
  • Manage your accounts more effectively with bulk deleting and reordering.

  • Messages - Complete revamp
  • Remove deprecated image editor to a simple cropper
  • iOS 10 or later required
  • Browser - Highlight text and tap “Replace Word/s” to easily replace the highlighted text.
  • User Library - No longer any limit for usernames
  • Twitter - Define the source of a tweet. E.g. Twitter for iPhone
  • Lock Screen - Shows mini preview of your lock screen.
  • Instagram - Add a location to each post
  • Spotify - Updated UI and text scrolls if too long to read
  • Instagram - Added IGTV icon
  • New on boarding for new users
  • Music Library - Remove limit on album title
  • Tumblr - Improved and behind the scene fixes
  • Various crashes around the app
  • Improved tool-tips
  • Reordering posts and messages is very easy to do within Accounts Manager.
  • Temporarily disabled Apple Music and Podcasts due to currently broken. However hope to bring it back in a near future update.
  • Phone - Define calling state

And various of crash and bug fixes across the whole app.

If you experience any bugs or crashes please report them at http://support.socialdummy.app.

Otherwise, contact me at support@socialdummy.app and I will try my best to help you out.


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I love this app truly I do !!! But I had some ideas of what you do could add on to the app 


You're working so hard. Thank you so much for everything! 

Appreciate the comment thank you. I spend many hours of my own free time working on this app.

How can I control who’s texting in whatsapp? It’s really annoying for me

It is only 1:1. Just tao the + icon at the bottom left.


hello! i’ve been using social dummy since december now and i really appreciate the app alot! but the new update for spotify crops the song’s title when viewed,,hope it can be fixed, take your time!

I can’t do the last delete on my phone!!! I have an IPhone 8+ and am on iOS 13.

(When I mean delete I mean as in getting past the freaking tutorial.)

i’m still trying to access the the app but still freezing will be any update soon?


Hello, found this app after countless downloading of fake lock screen apps. Let me say it’s a AWESOME app! I love how much time and dedication you add to each detail! Very worthy of a 5 stars. There is one little thing that’s bothering me and that would be the date and time. Could there be an option to choose if we want the 24 hour clock or the 12 hour clock? The same for the dates. I know some countries like the UK place the day before the month, could that also have an option to change? If you manage to find this comment, thank you for reading and thank you for developing this app! 

Appreciate your feedback, thank you!

You already can. Side menu > Global Preferences > Date & Time.


thank you for your hard work!


hello! i can't type in messages or in the twitter and ig DMs. my keyboard just shows up, but what i type doesn't show up anywhere. what do i do? thank you!


i'm sorry but why can't i type any message for fake group chat? I mean the sentence that i typed won't come out. It's only the keyboard from my phone. Anyway the newest version is great tho. Thankyou so much for the hardwork! 

This sounds great! When is this coming out?