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Instagram Direct Messaging

tionie.howard 3 years ago in Accounts / Instagram updated by Ashley Richards 9 months ago 11 13 duplicates
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Planned for v4.5.

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Completed. Next Release

can you email me?? I have a great suggestion for twitter update... it’s a sample pic and i can’t send pictures here... it’s mochimfairy@gmail.com or if you have twitter may i know your username so i can dm you

Should be able to post images on here.

Otherwise tweet @ARSocialDummy or email socialdummy@arsupport.userecho.com.

If this app got this features then Im uninstalling my app for ig direct message. This app got it all,it’s amazing thank you

I plan for v4.5 this will be in.


Planned for v4.5.

Likely to be shipped along with Twitter DM's in an early v.5.x update.

Follow https://trello.com/c/agWQzzAn for progress.

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